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Month: November, 2012

Dulse Hat and Mitts available singly, and Briggs finds its inner child

You may have spotted them in Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s lovely book: Landing. My Dulse Hat and Mitts are now available for sale as individual patterns through Ravelry.

Dulse Hat uses approximately 150 yds of fingering weight yarn. It features a gathered detail and subtle lacy bands.


The gather and eyelet detail is mirrored in the cuffs of the Dulse Mitts. These cozy, classy mitts call for approximately 200 yds of fingering weight yarn.


Coming soon:


Briggs Kid is the child version of my Briggs Street, published by Quince and Co. Still worked in the soft and squishy Osprey, available in 41 incredible colors. I had such a hard time picking one color combo, so I just picked two! Sizes available: 2-12

Also in the works:

1: Baby Briggs, worked in Quince’s worsted-weight Lark, and featuring a button opening in the yoke for easy dressing. Sizes available: 3 months-24 months.

2: A worsted-weight women’s pullover perfect to wear while poring over dusty volumes in the study on a wintry night.



I’m a pedestrian by choice. I walk to the grocery store, walk to the yarn shop, take the bus when it’s snowing baskets of kittens. For a girl who loves slapping her soles on the pavement, I do love me a good road trip.

I love getting in the car and going I-don’t-know-where. I love driving late-night and sharing the road with truckers. I love the sun coming up at the end of my driving shift. I’ve become less adventurous over the years, but put me behind the wheel of a car with a full tank of gas, and I’ll go as far as it’ll take without care or worry.

I missed my road trip this summer, so it’s understandable that while knitting these accessories, my mind was lusting for adventure and travel. Thinking of the crazy stories you come home with that no one can relate to or appreciate. You just had to be there.



Latitude and Longitude are the basics required for any voyage, and these accessories are simple staples worthy of their names.



Traveller’s Mitts are for exploration. They bridge the gap between the warm and cool climes of your journey, and keep you fingers free for finding change for coffee or tolls, or for the endless scanning of unfamiliar radio stations in the wee hours.



Now we have reached the more whimsical leg of the journey. Windmills are what Don Quixote sees on his chivalrous quest, believing them to be giants. His imagination and fancy transforms an ordinary sight into something extraordinary indeed!



Army of Chickens is my own romantic wandering from the ordinary to the absurd. I see little chicken feet, all lined up and ready to do battle. Against whom? I suppose that’s a story to be told in a future accessory…


Whether you’re a wanderer who’s just itching for the next adventure, or a knitter who’s looking for the perfect arsenal of accessories, the Wanderlust Collection is sure to help.